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IMPORTANT: Please fill in this spreadsheet template with the relevant details of attendees covered in the bulk purchase.

Family Day Picnic

Picnic Ticket


As listed below

Picnic Ticket


As listed below
  • Food, drinks, games, barbecue, theme rides.
  • A family day out at the Toronto Islands … 15min ferry ride from the Habour by the hotel
  • Prices exclude transportation to the island.
Hotel Rooms

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The Westin Harbour Castle Hotel

We have a special arrangement with The Westin Harbour Hotel for their hotel rooms.  We have been offered specially discounted rates through the event days of Toronto2020.

Our side of the bargain for this arrangement, is that we have a commitment to have a certain number of rooms taken up by event attendees.  So, please do take advantage of this, it will be cheaper for you and will also ensure we don’t needlessly lose money in lost deposits.

The Hotel has created a special booking page for booking the hotel rooms.  Click the button below to be taken there. 

On that page, please fill out all important form fields, including number of adults and children that will be staying in the room.

We are also considering providing a way for people to pay for their hotel rooms in a number of fixed installments.  This is looking feasible and may be useful to some of us, but we are not ready to start offering this yet.

Other views of Westin Harbour Castle Hotel

Offline Payments Info

Please make offline payments to the bank accounts listed below. Use your email address as payment ref, if possible.

Take note of the reference used, and notify us of your payment by clicking the 'Confirm Offline Payment' button.

Tickets & Hotel

Nigeria prices for offline payment

  • Early Bird Ticket: N64,800
  • Standard Ticket: N81,000
  • Late/Door Ticket: N90,000

Tickets & Hotel

Nigeria Bank Details

Bank Name: Zenith Bank
Account Name: Association Of Federal
                   Government College Enugu
Bank A/c No. : 1014945673

Tickets & Hotel

North America Bank Details

Bank Name: Bank Of America
Account Name: AFGCEAA Corporation
Bank A/c No. : 004660087922

Offline Registration Form

Use this form to register for Toronto2020, in the following situations:

  • When you’ve made a payment offline (ie, not using our online payment system)
  • When you have purchased multiple tickets using our online payment system, register the additional tickets here.

Fill the following sections only if you made an offline payment